What does your dream garage look like? When we think of remodelling a garage, several fascinating ideas excite our design plans. However, many times a fully customized garage is not possible to set up because of the high cost of creation.

But that will no longer be an issue if all resources are already available, won’t it? Upcycling can be a success when you take raw materials from your old doors and recreate them to fit your new vision. Here are a few ways that you can communicate with your garage door service Fountain Valley team before the next project starts.

How To Upcycle Old Garage Doors

Upcycling is all about great imagination. Indeed, we all have the power to make something brand new outer a familiar object:

Create an Industrial Artwork

If you are someone who spends the vast majority of the day in your garage, chances are you are always on the lookout for good quality garage decor. Now that you are finally giving it a new look, you can use the old garage doors as wall decor!

You can turn old garage doors into industrial wall decor that adds metal accents by

  • Using Distressed Paint Techniques
  • Incorporating Vintage Signage
  • Creating A Collage Of Gears And Tools
  • Mounting Framed Mirrors And Photos On A Metallic Base

Build a Garage Divider

Subdivisions don’t only help in better organization; they have a direct positive impact on how our brain perceives an environment. We all love compartmentalizing large spaces and the garage is no exception!

Let’s say you have multiple vehicles including bikes, motorbikes and cars. Won’t it be better if you can maximize space by giving each of them their cubicle? Similarly, let’s say you want to designate one area of the garage as your workstation – you can simply use the old garage door as a mounted divider, even building shelves on top of it!

Turn it into a Tool Organizer

Leaning into the workstation craze, many users are repurposing old garage doors as tool organizers. The beauty of such an approach is the high degree of customisation and the negligible cost of creation!

Here is how you can do that:

  • Attaching pegboards for hanging tools.
  • Adding hooks and brackets for storage.
  • Installing shelves for larger items.
  • Using magnetic strips for metal tools.
  • Creating labelled bins for small parts.

Create a Mechanical Bike Rack

Who doesn’t think bike racks are cool? If you don’t know, a mechanical bike rack securely holds bicycles, often with moving parts that all provide easy access. To make one from an old garage door, we attach sturdy brackets, and add pulleys or hinges on a horizontal garage door panel. Then we make it stronger with the help of some engineering principles and test our bikes on top of them!

Of course, if you want a flawless finish you should communicate with a professional garage door repair service.

Final Thoughts

For many of us, this tiny home of our favourite vehicles is an emotional space we can all escape. We can upcycle old garage doors in many other ways too, in case you want to put them away at some other corner of your home. Firstly, we can turn them into a workbench or shelves. We can also paint them for a new look on our walls. We can use them as a garden table, or unique exterior wall art.