Residential garage doors and commercial garage doors differ from each other in various aspects. Not only do they vary in size, but the materials of both these garage door types are also most certainly different as the commercial ones are opened and shut multiple times daily, which is different for the residential ones. Based on these criteria, you must do the correct research before choosing the proper commercial vs Residential garage door service in Orange County.

Here’s Why Servicing Commercial vs Residential  Garage Doors isn’t The Same

Various features are different for the two garage door types, and that is why the correct servicing agency must be appointed for the optimal servicing based on the specific requirements of your garage door type.


While both garage door types are considered safe at their levels, commercial or industrial garage doors are used much more often to move or store heavy and expensive objects. Hence, their safety mechanisms are also just as intricate. However, since residential garages are for personal use, their aesthetics are usually more focused.

Material Choice

Residential and commercial garage doors have different uses, and based on their uses, the materials used to construct them also greatly vary. Residential garage doors are seldom opened and often seen as made of light materials like plain wood and light steel. However, commercial garage doors can be opened and shut several times, needing more durable and stronger materials. They are usually made of very strong galvanized steel to prevent possible damage.

Opening Capacity

Proper garage door openers and smart systems can increase opening capacity. After all, one of the major variations between these two garage door types is the number of times they are forced to open and close in a single day.

While residential garage doors are limited to being opened only a few times at a Max, industrial garage doors are opened almost 50-100 times daily. For these reasons, another aspect to remember is the opening capacity of these garage doors. They demand to have a faster and smoother opening and closing mechanism.

Headroom Build 

The space above the garage door usually depends on its size. And in this case, the size difference is indeed remarkable. Residential garage doors have a very typical standard ratio for size. They only need an average headroom of about 15 inches. Industrial garage doors can be huge, however. Based on their purpose, they can vary from size to size, and their headroom area can also be enormous compared to residential garage doors.

Final Thoughts of Commercial vs Residential  Garage Doors

A lot of research is required to achieve the desired appearance and functional properties to succeed in your dream garage project. Understanding the fundamental differences between these two types of garage doors can help you find the correct residential and Commercial garage door service in Orange County. As small business owners, we must strike a balance between these two types of setups.